WellParent: Caring For Your Body While You Care For Baby

Caring for a tiny person can be incredibly physically demanding.

This new parenting role, these new routines … this little person needs you to be fit and well. Or at least functional. Functional is also good :)

But that’s not how you’re feeling right now. Maybe you have aches. Twinges. Pain. Most likely in your back, shoulders, neck, and hands.

How do I know this? Nope, I’m not a mind reader. Or a creepy person who’s been watching you. I promise. 

I know it because I’ve been there, as a mum of two young daughters. And as a maternal health occupational therapist, I work with new parents (and the service providers who support them) ALL. THE. TIME. who are struggling with these exact issues. Helping new parents to stay well while they care for their baby is my passion, because those cute little ones need us.

So … how can I help? How am I magically going to fix these issues for you?

The answer: I’m not going to fix it for you :o

I’m going to do something much more powerful. I’m going to give you the information, tools and strategies to fix it for yourself, and carry on fixing and adapting your physical tasks until you’re helping that little cutie of yours move their furniture into their college dorm (and beyond). 

What will we cover?

  • How to do those everyday tasks (like picking up your baby a million times per day, feeding your baby a million times per day, changing their diaper a million times per day … you get the picture) in a way that’s not going to cause you pain or injury
  • How to use those essential baby devices like a car seat, stroller and baby carrier in a way that works for your body
  • How to make sure your core and pelvic floor stay happy (or get back to being happy, if they’re not right now), even if they’ve just done the workout of their life. You know, growing and birthing a human.
  • How to do things in a self-caring way, rather than trying to fit self-care into your day as an extra thing. Because none of us has time for extra things right now.

How will this be delivered?

  • Short, to-the-point videos. All less than 5 minutes long. Because like I said, no-one has time for extra things right now.
  • Handouts that give you the information you need (screenshot them!)

Ok, I want parenting without the aches and pains. What’s the investment?

It’s £39 GBP. This is important information for new parents that needs to be accessible to as many people as possible, so I’m keeping the price affordable.


Will this cure my persistent back/neck/wrist pain?

This course gives the information you need to keep your body healthy while you care for baby. If you implement the strategies I provide in the course, your body will thank you - either you’ll avoid injuries to begin with, or you’ll be able to recognize the movement patterns which led to your body not feeling so great, so that you can change them. If you are in pain or discomfort, please seek out medical care from your healthcare provider. THIS COURSE IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL CARE :) 

As a new parent, I don’t have much time on my hands. How long do I need to complete this course?

As a mum of two, I get it! I’ve planned the course content in bitesize chunks, with none of the videos being longer than 5 minutes. The course in total will take around 2 hours total to complete, depending on how fast you read the written content.

What if I haven’t had my baby yet? Is this still relevant to me?

In a word - YES! In a way, this is the best time to learn these strategies - before you actually need them. This information should be required learning for all expectant parents - after all, if you’re going to go to a class on newborn baby care, shouldn’t there be a corresponding ’newborn parent care’ class?! Who do we think will be doing the caring for the baby? Oh yes, that’ll be us parents. So let’s find a way to care for ourselves, so that we can give our baby the care they need. You can’t pour from an empty bucket/put your own oxygen mask on first/insert self care mantra of your choice :)

How is the content delivered?

Not everyone learns in the same way, so I’ve used a variety of different methods to make sure you get the information you need. This includes video, written content, and worksheets.

Sounds good? Join us! This is the course I wish I had access to when I first became a parent, and I’m so excited to share this information with you.

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